We carry out complex repairs for all types of commercial vehicles and semi-trailers:
  • Complete repairs in collaboration with insurance companies, having direct settlement with most of the important companies on the insurance market in the country: UNIQA, ALLIANZ TIRIAC, ASIROM, OMNIASIG, GROUPAMA, FATA ASIGURARI, GENERALI
  • Repair and repair of truck chassis, regardless of brand
  • Recovery and repair of chassis trailers and semi-trailers
  • Twisted cab repair and repair
  • Alignment and straightening of the decks
  • Checking / aligning the geometry, including for vehicles with multivariate axles
  • Repair of superstructures installed on semi-trailers
  • Welding works in controlled environment, both steel and aluminum or stainless steel
  • Paint trucks, trailers, semi-trailers or superstructures, in a closed environment with controlled environment (temperature and ventilation controlled)

Special amenities:
  • 15 m double paint booth with split door in the middle
  • 7.5 m paint booth
  • 7.5 m pre-painting booth
  • 2 preparation rooms for painting or polishing
  • own painting laboratory that uses mixes and specific consumables of the best quality Standox and 3M
  • 3 Josam straightening stands - pioneer in the development of the axis straightening system,
  • chassis rails and cabs - equipped with a laser alignment system and a
  • high-frequency current-based relaxation