Installation and repair of hydraulic equipment

  • Repair of sanitation equipment: collectors and compactors for household waste, drainage and jets
  • Repair of cleaning equipment and street sprayer: street sprayers, maturators, high pressure cleaning equipment
  • Repair and maintenance equipment for winter cleaning: snow blades, chloride spreading equipment, non-slip material and salt
  • Repair of hydraulic cranes installed on the chassis
  • Repair hydraulic lifts and hooklifts installed on trucks, trailers or semi-trailers
  • Installation of dump trucks on 8x4 trucks
  • Installation of Hyva tipping kits on tractors
  • Installation of Hyva tilting cylinders on semi-trailers or tilting equipment
  • Installation of Hyva hookloaders with a lifting capacity from 20 to 30 tons
  • Installing Hyva skippers on trucks